What is Santa Token about?

Santa Token (SANTA) is a decentralized, peer to peer gifting and wishing system that combines modern technology and The Spirit of Xmas.

Santa Token enables and encourages YOU to spread Xmas spirit throughout global society by sending wishes to Santa clause or by giving others a chance to send their own wishes to Santa.

So, take your time, feel the spirit, think of the things/people that really matters to you - and make A THOUGHTFULL WISH.

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The Christmas Spirit

By participating you will contribute a little bit of something to the Xmas Spirit that makes our world a better place.

Make a wish

You can either give a wish by spending SANTA on the site or send a link over the email that can be used as an interactive greeting card substitute.


Don't use paper greeting cards or wrapping paper. Send SANTA instead!

Santa Token

ERC20 Token

Token: SANTA

Symbol: SANTA

Decimals: 18

Initial supply: 1.000.000

Crowdsale supply: 600.000

Gift supply: 200.000

Address: 0x63011ea1d431f54297d90543689d69177b1846ef


Address: 0x63011ea1d431f54297d90543689d69177b1846ef

Gas limit: 200000

Start (GMT): November 20 at 00:00

End (GMT): November 30 at 23:59

Accepted form of payment: Ethereum

Conversion rate: 310 SANTA : 1 ETH

Minimum contribution: 0.02 ETH

Crowdsale available: 600.000 SANTA

Buy Santa Tokens

Santa Tokens Crowdsale has ended. You can still buy Santa Tokens by using Metamask on a Decentralized Exchanges listed below.


Your balance: 0.000 ETH


November 15

We created a ERC20 token on Ethereum Blockchain using Solidity 0.4.18 and verified it at Etherscan.io.

November 20 - 30

Crowdsale will start on November 20 at 00.00 and end on November 30 at 23.59. There will be 600.000 SANTA of the total 1.000.000 SANTA tokens up for sale. Any tokens not sold in the crowdsale will be burned. You will receive the tokens after the CROWDSALE time is over or all 600.000 tokens are sold.

December 1

Tokens will be transfered to the buyers and 100.000 tokens will be listed on one of the exchange markets at a fixed price.

December 1

Santa Wish application will be published. Token holders will be able to send a wish to Santa or send a wish as a gift to a friend.

December 25

Santa will eat the cookies, drink a glass of milk and leave gifts under the Christmas tree. Every SANTA holder will receive a portion of 200.000 SANTA!

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